Ken Jervis customer George Martin has an incredible story to tell and thankfully he is still here to tell it.

On the 3rd February 2016 George had his Kia Ceed written off when turning on to a main road a driver came over a hill behind him and side swiped him leaving his Kia Ceed a total write off.

Thankfully both George and his wife, Dorothy, were relatively unscathed.

George said “ The whole experience left myself and Dorothy extremely nervous of driving again.
We had the car replaced by our insurance company and of course had another Ceed. We just would not have felt safe in anything else. If we had been in anything else who knows what might have happened”

George was so shaken that when Ken Jervis offered him the chance to take an Advanced Driving Course with the Institute of Advanced Motoring he jumped at the opportunity “ It was always something i wanted to do and when the offer came along i thought why not. It could not have come at a better time.”George said.

With the help of the IAM observer Steve Williams, George underwent weeks of intensive training which culminated in George passing his Advanced Driver Test and can be seen here collecting his certificate from Steve Williams of the Institute of Advanced Motoring.

Also in the photo on the left David Norwood, Managing Director of Ken Jervis and on the far right Phil Oakes, IAM observer.